Pricelist, valid from 1st of June 2023

Price per person for 60 minutes is 4.500 kr.

Price per person for 30 minutes 3.000 kr. – suitable for the smallest grpups, 2-3 people

Group discount

Dicount for groups, bigger groups have more time

10% discount for groups with 5 people or more, 4.000kr per person for 1 hour

15% discount for groups with 10 people or more, 3.800kr per person for 1-1,5 hours

20% discount for groups with 20 people or more, 3.600kr per person for 1,5-2 hours


Price list, valid until 31st of May 2023

Price is 3.900kr per person

 – 1 hour for 2-6 persons on one lane

 – 1.5 hours for 7-12 persons on one lane

 – 2 hours ro 22-24 persons on two lanes


10% discount for groups 10 persons or more

Price for 0.5 hour session is 2.500kr per person – suitable for 2-3 people

Gift certificates

You can buy gift certificates at our location or online at YAY.